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by Florence Dweck
Hey Btweeners! In dedication to one of our favorite and most appreciative days of the year, we decided to make this a special blog just for Mothers Day!! We think that Mothers Day is one of the most important days you can celebrate. Every day, mothers do so much for all of us, and have the hardest jobs in the world. (Think about how many times you’ve asked your mom for a favor that you would never do yourself.) This is why they deserve a day of their own to celebrate their achievements and relax! So without further ado, here are our steps to make this Mother’s Day a great one for you and your moms!
1.) Watch this video:
This is a very inspiring video that we came upon recently, and we decided to share it with all of you. Hopefully, this will help you appreciate what your mom does for you every day and inspire you to make this a great day for them.
2.) Take your mom out! A great way to spend Mothers Day is a family brunch or dinner! Pick your moms favorite restaurant and treat her to a nice meal with your family! Trust us, she will love this, and your whole family will too! If your family chooses to stay in, surprise her with a nice quality meal at home!
3.) Last but not least, get her a nice gift! Our mothers get us so many things that money can’t buy, but maybe we can at least try to repay her once a year with something she loves.
We hope you and your families all have an amazing Mother’s Day that everyone really appreciates. And remember to be always thankful for your mother and to listen to her every day, cause mom is always right!

by Nancy Mizrahi and Florence Dweck
Hi girls! We’s Monday..the start of another long week. To make you’re day just a little bit better, we decided to share our favorite nail designs this week! Being proud of your creative nails will make you feel a lot better, inside and out! We asked a nail expert, and one of our own personal friend’s Claudine, on some cool design ideas we can share share. She was nice enough to share some of her own nail designs with all of you! So here are some of our favorite of Claudine’s nail designs! Enjoy you’re manicures and you’re week, and remember to be creative with some of your own designs too!
1) Banksy inspired!
2) Leopard Print!
3) Rainbow Triangles!
4) Marc Jacobs Inspired!
P.S: Any of these designs catch your eye? Tweet us what you think about these manis @Btween3 with the hashtag #ClaudinesNails, and we’ll be sure to share some more of her designs in the future! Also, tweet us pics of your own mani or pedi for a chance to be featured on our website!
Nancy and Flo

By Nancy Mizrahi
Recently, when I was on a vacation in Paris (Prettiest city in the world, btw!), I noticed a lot of
decorations on the windows of so many small Paris shops, but these weren’t just any
decorations, they were different colored macaroons! Macaroons are one of my favorite desserts, because not only do they taste delicious, but they also look gorgeous as a decoration for gatherings and parties! Planning on throwing a party, or even just a hangout with friends at your home? Be sure to check out our different and super easy ideas you can decorate the room with some delicious macaroons!
1) I saw this idea a lot in Paris, and it never failed to amaze me! Stack your macaroons up on
any regular dessert tray, any color order your want, and they can come out looking as
beautiful as these!
Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 10.10.30 PM
2) We absolutely love this idea! By simply placing your macaroons into cute little boxes like
these, you can create gorgeous looking desserts that can be fantastic party souvenirs for your
guests! (We especially LOVE the cotton candy colors). Who ever thought simple plastic boxes
can be so pretty!?
3) What’s more delicious than cake? Cake with a serving of macaroons on it! Wow your guests by simply putting a few macaroons on top of a plain cake to make it look amazing! Here are
some ideas that range from small, simple cakes to tall, giant ones too!
We here at Btween love to give you girls ideas, but we also want to see what you all came up
with too! Follow and tweet us pics of your ‘macaroon-arations’ @Btween3, or hashtag
#macaroonaration on Instagram with a picture for a chance for your macaroon decorations to be featured on our website! Good luck Btweeners! And remember, Bcreative!

by Nancy Mizrahi
Hi girls!
We hope you’re all staying warm in this cold cold winter. Because it’s so freezing out in
most places, we decided to dedicate this week to our favorite warm and stylish jackets!
And the best part is, they’re so easy to carry! So be sure these light down jackets this winter.
They’re warmer than you think, and when you don’t want to wear them, you can just fold them and place them in the mini bag attached to them! These are great jackets, and here our favorites.
We like the ones from Uniqlo, H&M, and Moncler! Match them up with your favorite Btween outfits!
And remember, Bcreative and Bwarm!
1) One of our favorite vests from Uniqlo:
2) A gorgeous find from Moncler:
3) Love this color! From H&M:

by Florence Dweck and Nancy Mizrahi

Hey girls! Today is all about the holiday of the year and what better to spread the Christmas joy than to create some Christmas crafts that will look nice in the home! We here at Btween love to be creative around the holidays and we would like to get ideas from you as well! So tweet us all of your homemade holiday decorations @Btween3 and some of you might even be featured on our website! Merry Christmas to all of our Btweeners, and remember, Bcreative!

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