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Believe it or not, all people are made up of water! Not only do we need water to stay hydrated and healthy, but we need water just to exist! When you’re a baby almost 80 percent of your body is composed of water! As we grow up the percentage lowers to BTween 50-60 percent. Even your bones need water! 15 percent of bones are composed of water and an astounding 85 percent makes up your brain!

It’s important to drink water whenever you can. Why, you ask? BTween will tell you!

BHealthy: Staying healthy is important. We need to make sure we have the right nourishments so that we can go out and tackle the day at our best. Water helps to balance your body temperature and make sure you are at a normal, healthy temperature. Water also helps to protect your joints and muscles and helps your body rid itself of wastes. It’s like watering plants. If you want them to grow big, strong and beautiful you have to maintain a watering routine. Continue reading

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