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Congratulations to our February 2017 Bmodel winner, Bailey Patton!

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by Nancy Mizrahi
Haven’t yet found the perfect gift for mom this mother this Mothers Day? No worries!
We’re here to give you some major inspiration:
1) Accessories are a girl’s best friend. Get your mom a pretty accessory from her favorite company this Mother’s Day! She will be so grateful for the bag she’s always wanted. And if you’re not sure what to get her, offer a shopping day for you two where you can treat her to something she loves! This will be fun and good quality spending time for you and her.
2) We came upon this idea and loved it, and decided to share it with you! If your mom is more of an artistic person than a shopper, this customized puzzle idea is great! You can choose any family picture, or a picture of just you and her and make a puzzle out of it for you and your mom to do at home! Mom will especially love having something new and pretty to hang up in the house. This is a good website for custom puzzles:
3) If you don’t have the time to go shopping for a gift, or if you just want to be more creative, design something for your mom by hand! We love the idea of creating something personal because it can have so much more meaning than if you purchase something. And don’t forget to Bcreative with what you make!
Whatever gift you get for your mother, we hope it means a lot to her! And even if you just end up writing her a card, it’s the thought that counts!

by Florence Dweck
Hey Btweeners! Most of you probably know that the Grammys were on this week. The Grammys are the time for all the celebs to put on exotic dresses and show us all of the new fashion trends! There were so many beautiful gowns, hairstyles and accessories all over the red carpet! Three celebs that caught our eyes were Katie Perry, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Here are their looks along with some of our little friends from Toddlewood.
1) We love the ballerina look that Katy went for.
The dress is amazing and the ballerina bun just
looks perfect. Here’s her look plus a younger girl
from Toddlewood wearing it as well.
2) Taylor swift was glistening in her head to toe
sparkly number. She looked so modest and
sophisticated. Here’s her with another one of
our Toddlewood mini-me faves.
3) Last but not least was Ariana, who’s as cute as a
Toddlewood all by herself. We love her tea-length
floral dress. She looked classy and so on trend.
Most of us aren’t dressing up for the Grammys anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look our best every day! As long as we B-creative and B-ourselves, we can’t go wrong with how we look, just like Ariana, Katy, and Taylor! So enjoy you’re own creativity every day!

by Florence Dweck and Nancy Mizrahi
Hey Btweeners, we are so excited because everyone’s favorite holiday is finally here! And who doesn’t love the idea of waking up on Christmas morning and having a nice warm batch of some amazing Christmas pancakes! Don’t have any pancake ideas yet? Here are some last minute ones that will start your Christmas off on a great note!

1) Red and White Pancakes!
Get into the holiday spirit with these Christmas-colored pancakes!
they are even topped with some peppermint-candy cane syrup and we
can guarantee they will taste delicious!
Get the recipe here at:
2) Gingerbread Pancakes!
We think that this is the cutest Christmas breakfast!! A little
gingerbread man who is tasty and easy to make, what could be better!
Get the recipe here:
3) Chocolate Peppermint Pancakes!
One word: YUM! For a sweet Christmas breakfast try these
Chocolate Peppermint Christmas pancakes!
Get the recipe right here:
What Christmas pancakes are you planning to bake? Tweet us pics @Btween3 and you might be featured on our website! Have a sweet Christmas morning!

by Florence Dweck
The leaves are changing colors..and that means fall has arrived! I don’t know about you guys, but Fall is my favorite season. It’s the season where we pull out all of our new clothes to transition into Winter. My favorite new trend this Fall is leg warmers! They keep us warm and are fashionable at the same time! In my school, everywhere I turn, I see endless colors of leg warmers. People wear them with their favorite pair of uggs, boots, booties and even sneakers! We’re obsessed! Here are our favorite leg warmer options along with some trendy outfits from Btween that match! Take a look at our ideas and use them as inspirations for you’re own!
1) Girly and Trendy!
2) Bright and Pretty!
3) Cute and Cozy!

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