Mother’s Day Spending

by Nancy Mizrahi
Haven’t yet found the perfect gift for mom this mother this Mothers Day? No worries!
We’re here to give you some major inspiration:
1) Accessories are a girl’s best friend. Get your mom a pretty accessory from her favorite company this Mother’s Day! She will be so grateful for the bag she’s always wanted. And if you’re not sure what to get her, offer a shopping day for you two where you can treat her to something she loves! This will be fun and good quality spending time for you and her.
2) We came upon this idea and loved it, and decided to share it with you! If your mom is more of an artistic person than a shopper, this customized puzzle idea is great! You can choose any family picture, or a picture of just you and her and make a puzzle out of it for you and your mom to do at home! Mom will especially love having something new and pretty to hang up in the house. This is a good website for custom puzzles:
3) If you don’t have the time to go shopping for a gift, or if you just want to be more creative, design something for your mom by hand! We love the idea of creating something personal because it can have so much more meaning than if you purchase something. And don’t forget to Bcreative with what you make!
Whatever gift you get for your mother, we hope it means a lot to her! And even if you just end up writing her a card, it’s the thought that counts!

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